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Thread: Second experience with MTS oils.

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    Second experience with MTS oils.

    Currently on just deca solo.

    This has been my 3rd experience with deca and so far out of the 3 labs i have used MTS blows them out of the water. The oil can be shot easily through a slin pin. Im currently on week 6 or 7 I believe and the amount of people coming up and asking me how I've gotten so thick so quick has kinda been a bit daunting. I've never had that happen before! Hunger is up, joints feel amazing, strength is WAY up. Its hard not to take more of it.

    Another quality product from mts!

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    How are you finding deca solo? How much are you using? Is "everything" working properly?

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    I started my deca solo yesterdy, been off for a while, starting at 600 and ramping up depending how I feel

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    Shinken im using deca solo currently at 1500 a week. Just added in 150 test to see if it will make any difference. But yes everything is working perfectly. Deca is great, the 70s used it to great success and so will i

    going to add mts equimax at 1000mg and winny at 100mg ed soon when shipment arrives

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    Do you run any ancillaries with it?

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    Nope. Just use zinc, selenium etc

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    Are you on dat camel regimen time?

    A few questions please, would you consider yourself estro/gyno prone? I'm thinking of running it solo maybe between 600-900, but I have had flare ups in the past and some problems with estrogen and I'm a bit wary. I know deca doesn't aromatize, but it seems to do some kinky stuff that makes you more sensitive to it.

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    Ah a little, not as bad as some but I have gotten it in the past. Deca at 1.5g has had less estro issues than 500 test for me at the moment.

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