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Thread: First order, review thread

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    First order, review thread

    Hi, ordered some PRO MT 200. i am running someone elses tren ace and mast p at about 600mg and 400mg with about test p 200mg per week. I plan on jumping right into the pro mt 200 and make comparisons. Figure going right into it will really tell me how things are going. I will run some test with it 250mg of a long ester. hope to pick up some eq and test soon to and fully transition.

    so my cycle will be a bit hefty for me:
    600-700mg tren ace
    600-700 mg mast
    200 tesp transitioning to 250 test e.

    I may push the blend more as I am getting ready for a trip to vegas in 7 weeks and want to finish strong for the pools

    i will then cruise a bit and want to try MTS primo/EQ for some summer fun. but eq sometimes makes me very hungry.

    Communication and the website are great.

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    Lemme know how that blend treats you as I've been keeping my eye on it once more money comes my way

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    u bet i will def insure i throw some updates.

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    ok got the goods in a timely manner pinning starting today!

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    Think I will log some of my exp.

    Pinned 1.1cc of pro mt 200 with 60mg of another test prop into left cheek. i used a 23g 1.5 incher. pinned well not feeling pip. Will pin a delt next.

    THinking I will pin a total of like 700mg each of the tren and mast and add another 250mg of test e a week.

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    Today i pinned 1.5cc into my left delt. see how it feel tomorrow.

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    What's this a pip test!!
    You won't get pip from my products and if you do it's the way your doing the jab.different people are sensitive in different muscle groups.some people will get a bit and a glute and nothing in the delt and vice versa.
    If your going to have any issue you would notice within seconds,not the day after.

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    i was worried about the higher mg per cc but in this case its just 200mg.

    usually when i pin others products theres some pip the day after but holy smokes i am not getting anything from this. its pretty damn amazing. i was running another brands tren and mast but not a combo and id have some pip almost every shot.

    i will say in regards to the pinning this stuff is VERY easy with no pain. ive pinned prob a dozen different brands too in my lifetime, prob more.

    so ill work on creating a log somewhere if anyone cares.

    ill wrap this up.
    the communication was great, amazing really. they caught a minor issue i had, and worked with me to correct it.
    TA was great.
    oil ill comment about later but great presentation

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    Didnt even get pip shooting 300mg/ml deca in my tri first time lol.

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    really happy so far with these guys. i cant say enough good things and looking forward to another order!

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