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Thread: Restrictions for USA customers - Stealth Shipping

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    Restrictions for USA customers - Stealth Shipping

    The system will now prevent majority of states in USA from ordering NON-STEALTH oils. This is for security reasons!

    Only a few EAST COAST states can order NON-STEALTH oils, including New York and Florida.

    Even you come from EAST COAST, we still recommend you take the STEALTH OPTION for guarantee of delivery. We take no responsibility for seizures.


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    I feel sorry for the Americans and their oppressive steroid laws

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    if you have money in the states though you can get prescribed test and hgh EASY from an 'anti-aging' clinic. swings and roundabouts. glad to see measures being taken to protect stealth, here in aus without good stealth from international sources we would be completely boned, at least in the states you can go to domestic sources that are reasonable although sub-MTS quality.

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    I guess,that some of the approved sources,
    that are US based are not bad at all.
    I'm very happy that Mts is based in UK.
    So many huge americans,they seem to get all they need to grow,
    leave something for Europeans.
    In my country the witch hunt makes it almost impossoble to get anything legal
    and non EU sources have almost no chances to pass customs.
    Seems like nowadays the authorities here think that performance enhancing drugs are way more dangerous
    and have to be punished harder than manslaughter.
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