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Thread: adding trest.

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    adding trest.

    I'm planning a cut cycle. I have the med blend 500 and lean and mean. I got some trestolone from another supplier and was wondering if anyone with knowledge of the subject has any input on how to add it in. Most of the info on the net is with transdermal. I'm looking to add it as an injectable. Dosage? Frequency?

    I generally train for strength and compete in powerlifting but I'm looking to clean up for summer

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    Depends on the quality of the TRESTOLONE you have bought.wth MTS very little you can inject the equivelant of 10mg aday and get great results,with what you've purchased I would start at 25mg aday(.5mm I presume)andwork from converts into estrogen very easily so I recommend you take an AI if your doing it for a cut.

    If it's purely for strength would do 50mg aday min with know AI.

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    Hey Bigdaddy, how does 50 mg/ trest ace compare to halotestin for strength?

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    Crap. I thought it was out of stock at MT. I'll order a couple of yours and pass off the gp's. Is 50mg's still an ok dose. Also i'm curios of how it might effect strength heading into a meet. Maybe a month out for peaking? Any thoughts

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    Trest is killer for strength. Makes me sweat like a whore in church when lifting though. 50mg/day is a very nice dose.

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