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Thread: New customer says thank you.

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    New customer says thank you.

    Got my things yesterday.Let me say thank you for that fast service.
    The packing was good and solid.
    Without easter it would have been at my place much faster,but that is not your fault,just easter.
    I gave me the first shot today,1ml Eq-Max and 0,5ml of Tri-Bold mixed in one syringe.
    I'm carefull with that Tri-Bold because I have no experience with it and the reports
    about sides of BoldA have been very alarming.Unbearable pip,feeling of a severe flu,
    not able to go to gym for a week,etc.
    Let may say,so far I felt no side,no pip ,no nothing.
    In the mix with Eq-Max there are no such sides.
    I guess tomorrow I will try a milliliter of Tri-Bold solo,only to see if it is okay too.
    Again thank you for your good service.

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    Please keep us updated! The tribold would be nice for us impatient fuckers who hate waiting on boldenone to kick in lol.

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    I woke up this morning and had a swelling at the injection spot,right glute.
    It hurts a little bit,but nothing not to hold out.
    But I'm lucky that I did not use a hole milliliter of BoldA
    and that I mixed it with other stuff.
    Went to the gym and had a very good leg workout.
    Feels like I already got some more water in to the muscles.
    Stamina was very good and almost never out of breath
    during my hacksmiths.
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    Double post,sorry
    Further info on the review side
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    I ordered from MTS last week for the first time. I received the product very fast and it was neatly packaged . I find the price of the products are a bargain. I would highly recommend MTS products. Very honest, reliable and dedicated team. Thank you MTS

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    My first order was so smooth from start to finish thank you MTS

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    What amazes me is that the prices are competitive with us domestic gear... Stingy yanks I tell ya. Next pay check I'll be grabbing more mts gear for next blast

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