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Thread: 6 Weeks Out - Cycle Advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR BIG View Post
    Looking sick!

    But your nipple looks rather sensitive.
    Now sitting 3 weeks out.
    Do you reckon I should change anything?

    Test Prop 150mgs/eod
    Tren Ace 100mgs/eod
    Mast Prop 100mgs/eod
    Anavar 100mgs/ed
    Stana 100mgs/ed
    Proviron 50mgs/ed
    Letro 2.5mgs/ed (starting this now)
    T3 40mcgs/ed

    Clen 40mcgs 5 on 3 off, 80mcgs 5 on 3 off, 100mcgs until day of show
    Halotestin 25mgs ed(should arrive 1 week out)6 Weeks Out - Cycle Advice.-image1-jpg6 Weeks Out - Cycle Advice.-image2-jpg

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    Looking great!

    Only thing I'd add is some Anadrol 150 mg a day to fill out and look fuller

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    looking great bro

    the orals stack are great, i would keep like that, anadrol or superdrol will help you to fill out

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