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Thread: HGH vs Peptides half life chart

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    HGH vs Peptides half life chart

    Peptides spike rapidly and drop off just as rapid, while the synthetic GH rises slowly and drops at a slow rate

    HGH vs Peptides half life chart-77c7f_orig-ay4mzs_4b-jpg

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    makes peps not seem worth it, injection frequency must be absurd. for less gains than actual gear.

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    They work very well I found if you inject saturation dosages every 4 waking hours. I actually enjoyed it a lot because the GHRP-2 made me moderately hungry which made me eat on the clock every 4 hours and made me sleepy so I slept every day at the same time on the nose. It worked extremely well, many facets of my life improved from the structure it made me fall into and I enjoyed it a lot.

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    CJC-1295 its the best peptide, using 1mg a day with a GHRP (ghrp2, hexarelin) its like using 6-8ui of pharma hgh every day.

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    CJC-1295 is the one WITH DAC, correct? I thought it was laregly useless?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    CJC-1295 is the one WITH DAC, correct? I thought it was laregly useless?
    With dac has its place as its a continuous bleed of it. Say you miss a shot of ghrp or body decides to release naturally at a given moment, the dac will still enhance the natural gh pulse. Also less poking is needed in a sense, well the pin will be sharper as most of the time you'll just be poking one vial and then yourself vs two vials then yourself with mod grf and ghrp. Add other peptides in and you got yourself a dull fucking needle and have to back load another pin.
    Also the continuous IGF elevation it adds would more likely simulate hgh instead of rapid peaks and troughs from ghrp+mod grf. Sustained IGF levels is what we want for growth and fat loss. I'd like to combine cjc 1295 with dac and the new mk877 and maybe egrifta /tesamorelin and see what those longer life gh secretagogues can do for us.

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    When I tried GH+peps last fall, I would inject 3ius GH and CJCnoDAC + GHRP2/IPAM/HEX every morning and just before bed. Supposedly you inject hgh 10 minutes after injecting peptides, so it can ride the gh pulse from the peptides. Or something along those lines. I found this protocol from another forum, and was only able to run for 2 weeks before I ended up working out of state multiple times.

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    You cant compare hgh with peptides , what you can do is use some peptides with hgh to increase is potency . Use GHRP 6 + hgh will improve alot hgh and IGF levels , and also combining hgh with CJC1295 DAC . The MK677 + hg on bulking in incredible . Why not add something so cheap like MK or GHRP to your hgh to make it stronger ?

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