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Thread: 350 test e 300 deca 500-600 tren e superdrol in and out at 20-40 mg/d

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    350 test e 300 deca 500-600 tren e superdrol in and out at 20-40 mg/d


    Powerlifter on a cut, starting to get decently lean now!

    I am currently on 350 mg/w test e 600 mg/w deca 50 mg/d tren ace 24 mg/s oral superdrol

    I have found the every day pinning although isn't an issue, since I am not a BBer I was wondering if enth would be better + it's cheaper.

    I want to try lower deca, just enough for joints and some anabolic effect, and get to 600 mg/w of tren e. How would 600 mg/w of tren e compare to 50 mg/d tren ace? What about 500 mg/w tren e vs 50 mg/w tren ace?

    I am wanting pure strength gains while keeping my joints nice feeling and to lean out well and get this bloat off for a bit so I can see what I have actually lost fat wise.

    I will also cycle 3 weeks on and off 20-40 mg/d injectable superdrol.

    500 calorie deficit

    What am I to expect on 350 mg/w test 300 mg/w deca 500-600 tren enth vs 350 test e 300 deca 500-600 tren e? More strength gains or less? Should be more, correct?

    Also might add some tbol in here

    Gonna run for another 10-14 wks drop another 3% or so bodyfat

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    40mg of injectable sdrol? seems like a lot

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    I don't use my c-17s in half measures

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    Hmm,did some calculations and 600 mg/w tren shouldn't really offer much over 500 mg/w...

    Looks like if I tolerate 500mg/w well I'll do 750 mg/w

    350 mg/w test e 300 mg/w deca 750 mg/w tren enth 20 mg/d injectable superdrol also experiment with 40 mg/d
    Orals for peaking strength once injuries are healed: 25 mg/d Halotestin for 3 weeks 150 anadrol for 3-4 weeks
    No AI

    Going to start overhead pressing since my shoulders seem to be okay to do it with LIGHT weight only once a week. This should really help my bench strength and also give me some delts and traps.

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