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Thread: Who has used their Test E 300mg/ml?

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    Who has used their Test E 300mg/ml?

    I have been cruising for a while and now looking to do my next blast.

    Got experience with tren before but want to keep it simple and do a test only blast.

    Any opinions on the Test E would be appreciated!


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    It is very good, no PIP and I going from 500 mg/w Galenika pharm amps to 500 mg/w MTS test E saw no drop in strength size libido and I didn't have to lower AI dosing so I assume it is accurately dosed

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    It's good. I have to use ai apparently on 300/week dropped to 210/week so my poor nips won't be sensitive.

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    Amazing. Their Testosterone Enanthate is definitely in the top. No PIP at all which is a big hindrance if you're training. No need to find another source bro. This is the holy grail of AAS.

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