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Thread: Bostin Loyd 2015 prep failure

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    Yeah Bucky, I don't even know how you'd even fit that oil in yourself! besides even with 20 + IU gh a day and lots of insulin you'd not even be able to really make anything out of that ridiculous amount of androgens.

    LOL even GH15 himself thinks he's a big joke and gives a bad name to bodybuilding

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    idk how he has the mental capability to know he will go through 8 syringes in a day pinning himself.. literally a human pin cushion. and that's without any SEO that he's so famous for using?!

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    He actually ditched the synthol because it was too much even for him and just used his gear as synthol lol

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    too much oil for bostin? thought I'd never see the day haha

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    crazy lol I thought that as well

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