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Thread: Bostin Loyd 2015 prep failure

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    Bostin Loyd 2015 prep failure

    Everything not to do >>>

    1) too high T3 & T4
    2) too much DNP
    3) too much shit....

    If you want to do well, do everything he didn't do...

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    I watched this and was amazed considering the dosages of AAS, hGH and Insulin he was taking that losing so much strength is possible!! Squatting 60 kg for 8 reps.... I mean wow.

    It is the golden rule with T3 is do not overdose it or it will ruin your physique!!

    He would have done WAY better on just less drugs, more isn't better.

    Pretty sad that his final memory of competng is one of a failiure and dissapointment and that he has given up on competitive bodybuilding despite everything he has put himself through

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    24cc gear a day. What the hell lol

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    Flexer I didn't wtch the whole video

    Was he really only taking 25 mcg?

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    he never mentioned taking more than 25mcg of t3 and 100mcg of t4. 100mcg t4 should be used when using gh. 50-75mcg of t3 is a regular dose when used as a cutting agent.

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    Heh interesting

    How did he get so weak and lose so much mucscle then?

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    dnp of course. dnp is an atp inhibitor. atp is the efficient energy production in our cells. thats why you burn fat so fast. because dnp stops your energy production, so to keep the body alive it burns your bodyfat

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    He said in the video he didn't think it was DNP

    But yes, DNP obviously causes a HUGE decrease in performance due to the uncoupling

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    I think the issue he had was the DNP use and burning himself out, more hormones is not always better, especially when you're talking trenbolone, it will burn you our and leave you feeling and looking like shit. I remember seeing a post on his instagram that he was running 2.1g tren ace in his prep.

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