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Thread: Free download of steroid e-books PDF on dropbox!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monstro View Post
    I learn alot with GH15 . Do you believe anabolic matrix ( test + trenbolone + hgh ┬┤slin ) ? is all you need to be a top athlete?

    If you've fucked up genes... doesn't matter how much hgh, insulin, test and tren... you're still going to look like shit.
    but these products IMO are key to getting there provided the genetics are top tier.


    a) shape and structure
    b) response to hormones
    c) health tolerance to hormones

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    Great post big daddy keep many busy with reading

    Gh15 bible also great one of the best

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    This was gh15 offseason cycle

    GH15 Cycle:

    150mg Thai anabol/day british disp.
    140mg Anavar Proxan Isp
    300mg Prop/day Farmak Ukraine
    200mg Masteron/day Masterol Isp
    150mg-200mg Proviron/day Schering
    15iu GH: 5 divided doses every 3 hours Humatrope
    igf-1: 100mcg/day

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