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Thread: What is the best oral for pure mass ...

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    Yes i share the same idea . if you came to this world to get big why chose the weak products and not the strongest? because when you step on this to get results your health is gone. Do it or dont ever go in the steroids world

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    Quote Originally Posted by MTS-Head Coach View Post
    If i have to chose best oral from all of them : ANADROL
    If i have to chose one to build mass : Anadrol puts all water inside muscle instead of dianabol that puts water outside muscle
    If i have to chose one to cutting : WINSTRO always , much stronger than anavar and much cheaper

    But the perfection is a low dosage of anadrol 50mg + dianabol 50mg
    Totally agree with you bro!!
    And yeah, winstrol over anavar, combination of both works great, MTS Stanavar is amazing !!

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    Yes anavar alone is not so powerfull but combined with winstrol is a different animal

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