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Thread: Anadrol and gains

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    Anadrol and gains

    I have heard that anadrol/naps 50/anapolon give you alot of water weight and so when you come off you will loose pretty much alot if not all of your gains, so what would happen if I used it along with a sufficient amount of testosterone (e.g. 500/600mg) for 15 weeks, would i still loose the gains from the anadrol after dropping them or would this aid in retaining it?

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    Drol is good at putting water in the muscle which will help in long run with real fiber growth because you can train heavier and get more blood into the muscle from RBC increase. No you will not lose all "gains" you will simply lose the look Drol can give if BF is low. True muscle fiber size increase will not go away although the muscle may lose its pop.

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    Correct answer!


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