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Thread: Primo Ace Inject

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    Primo Ace Inject

    This product is legit and comes with a bite as promised. I can't deal with the pip and flu like symptoms that come with every pin, but I don't want to waste this lovely hormone. My question is this...Would taking this product orally have any effect? I imagine the liver would get rid of most of it, but perhaps I'd reap some effect. I love primo, but it's Depot and ace tabs for me from now on.

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    Have you tried mixing it with another oil based stack? Or does the legendary primo pip push through? Also, the primo tabs can be terribly expensive, and have poor bio availability.

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    Yes, I've tried cutting it with another product and even plain gso but the pip is still terrible. If it wasn't for the flu like symptoms I might put up with the pip. I'm happy with primo ace tabs though, and I can't wait to run depot. The hormone is fantastic, I don't want to waste this primo ace inject.

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    Wait, I'm a bit confused. Are you proposing ingesting the primo ace oil as to not waste it? Or are you saying that you would continue the use of the primo ace until vial is empty, then switch to primo e, and supplement tabs?

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    You can drink the oil. Drink some real grapefruit juice beforehand to inhibit the liver enzymes that break it down. I'd say drink the GF juice about an hour prior to drinking the primo. If the oil tastes like shit, inject it into a grape or gel cap and swallow

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