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Thread: First Blast please comment to educate and improve

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    First Blast please comment to educate and improve

    Hey Guys First I would like to thank each of you for your input, comments and advice! Every little question asked or answered on these forums does help people and helps me answer the million questions I have floating around in my head. The best part is all answers are explained in great detail.

    I have just started my first ever cycle I’m currently running MTS test E and it is great!

    I made my mind up ages ago but it took me a lot of reading and learning before I started my first blast I thought I would keep it pretty simple due to a big personal life change.

    My first blast of TEST E for 16 weeks:

    600mg test E – Twice a week
    12.5 Aromasin - twice a week

    Back ground :

    I have been training roughly around 3 years now and competed in powerlifting under in my first two years. Most of my initial training was compound movements Dead Lifts, Squats and Bench along with assistance exercises that contribute to the 3 big lifts.
    My PBs (all done in comp)
    Dead Lift – 270 kg (1 rep)
    Squat – 220 Kg (I rep)
    Bench press (with a pause) – 120 kg (1 rep)
    I weighed in at 77.6 kg (sorry I don’t do lbs)
    I have managed to stay fairly lean (I think) though out my gym rat life I have added a few pictures


    I’m not the best at this I have calculated all my macros and currently consuming P – 300 C- 500 F -80

    My choice of food is as follows :

    Meal 1 - Oats, Oat Bran, Whey protein, Peanut Butter and some honey
    Meal 2 – Banana, whey
    Meal 3 – Rice and Steak
    Meal 4 - 3 whole meal pitta bread, Hamouse
    Meal 5 – chicken rice
    Meal 6 - whey

    Most of my meals from 8am to 4pm I try and keep easy because my work life is busy and rarely have minutes to spare before I have to run for a meeting. I get my veg in as well in my steak and chicken meals. Sometimes I do get the odd cheat meal in but my cheat meals don’t have a designated day. Even when I cheat I tend to aim for quality food most of my cheat meals are from Nandos (never had chicken so cheap in South Africa)


    I have now moved away from the powerlifting side but I still lift heavyish
    My training is as follows –
    Back and chest

    Quads, Hamstrings and calves

    Shoulders and arms

    My reps and sets fluctuate so I’m going to list a standard rep or set range. I aim for Max 8 minimum 6 reps unless I lift heavy when my ego is shoots higher than my brains .

    My aim is compete next year probably in mens physique or something I’m not sure yet and I admit I need to do loads of reading and research

    I want to plan my next blast in advance to avoid confusion and problem later on in the year after my cruise

    I’m sure many of you have experience and may have started the same way I am or something if anyone can help or advise I would really appreciate all the help and I do not take criticism to heart.
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    how many weeks into your blast are those pics from? you look awesome! nice ink as well

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    Damn man you already look crazy good without the hormones! What is your height?

    Your physique is already very impressive, you just need to add some size and you will be perfect for mens physique. I would continue on with your test e blast till you reach a suitable weight for mens physique. I would introduce an oral being dianabol or anadrol and introduce equipoise at 500mg upping it to 1g over 1-2 months. For mens physique using equipoise is a must because of the shoulder capping and skin look you get. Once you have the size you need you will then want to cut down with trenbolone, masteron or primobolan and for an oral anavar, stanozolol or proviron.

    Your aim for now would be to build up size, once you have the size you need then consider cutting and polishing your look.

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    Thanks for the great replies! tomorrow will end my second week on my Test E blast. I lack size which is the sad part in all my years of training. when I have a shirt on I don't look like I lift . I have more work to do on my triceps, shoulders (I'm cursed) lowers abs, calves and hamstrings. so far I think the test has started to kick in maybe my mind playing tricks on me but oh well I feel great. any ideas on food? should I eat more? I'm very particular when it comes to my look and I want to try and stay lean. I know I can't have everything!

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    sorry last post didn't cover the questions asked I'm 5ft 11 and these pictures were taken March 2015 so roughly 2 months ago when I wasn't taking anything. If any interests I can try my best to keep this post update as I go along and notice worthy gains.

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    holy shit thats good looking natural physique

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    Thanks I'm probably going to kill myself in the gym tonight cause of the confidence boost I got from your comment. As far as food goes should I continue eating the way I am or change things up a bit? since I started my blast I haven't changed anything diet wise although I am a lot more hungry now. Like Brimmy said I NEED TO GROW

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    Well you are going to put some (water)weight on now but don't get confused it's not fat..if your body wants food..well feed it..good luck dude

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    I would say you are eating enough food that's almost 4000kcal. You will find you will gain some water weight, don't mistake this for fat, it's not fat and it will level out over time if your oestrogen is kept in range.

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    Thanks! so far I have been getting crazy pumps especially when I train back. since it's still my second week and due to virgin muscles I get some pip but I work around it. I'm Cycling VG and quads and time my legs days closer to when the the pain is Minimal. All good though I'm enjoying the over all effect of a quality product! I'll post a pic in a few weeks time feel free to comment/advise If I need to change anything. I'm not sure what my bf% is either

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