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Thread: Steroids and Nose Bleeds

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    Steroids and Nose Bleeds

    Got a nosebleed problem for just over a week almost everyday now.
    I thought it could be blood pressure related but my BP values fluxciate between 116-132 (highest spotted). But it seems to be happening too frequently.
    Nose does seem to be dry and i always have the feeling of it being unclean and needing to blow it etc. Other forums recommend trying putting Vaseline in my nose.

    Currently taking: 800mg test, 900mg eq & 300mg tren.
    Baby Aspirin 80mg ED
    1/4 a Letro Pill (roughly 0.675mg) EOD as an AI and gyno prevention but I've been experimenting and taking it only twice a week on injection days. Which might relate to it.
    Multi vitamins ED
    Fish oils ED

    Nose bleed is mostly caused from light pokes to the outside of the nose, blowing the nose but the first time it appeared randomly...
    I'm avoiding red bull ot any sort of "caffeine drink" atm since both times this last week I consumed it a nose bleed occurred not longer consumption. Might also have a relation.

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    did you every have this issue before?

    the only possible reason from the cycle could be the eq, which increases rbc count but even this wouldnt lead to random nosebleeds. baby aspirin is very health so this also is not the cause. BP seems very good so thats not the reason either.

    see if it persists and pay attention to your food and surroundings (nose is the first organ to react to anything in your enviroment, its 9x as sensitive as the heart for example). r u sleeping enough, picking you nose too often, other rec drugs, too much swimming in pools etc etc, it can be many many things so you have to systematically go through it all to find out the reason

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    Very rarely did I have this nosebleed issue. As far as I can remember during child teen hood I used to get it from picking it haha.

    For now I've just gone with the Vaseline option. Stuck it right up there after it stopped bleeding. So I'll just have to see how it goes.
    Getting enough sleep has always been an issue for me. I generally find I get tired at "normal" times when I use Tren tho so I can hope that improves.
    I personally only believe in taking drugs which will benefit myself IE, performance, health, looks etc... So I generally avoid all sorts of rec drugs even alcohol.
    Rarely swim these days. However I have noticed my skin overall has been really dry. I've been trying to make sure I keep up my water intake but occasionally get dry lips still on the odd days.

    I'll keep an eye on everything God. Thanks for your reply.

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    came back to update this.
    Since adding Vaseline things have improved.
    its not every day anymore but I still get nosebleeds here and there.

    BP is normal. So I'm still not quite sure on the cause.
    Its usually always first thing in the morning or a couple of hours after waking up.
    Any suggestions to how to improve this?

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    did you go to a doctor, any advice from him?

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    Doctor was useless, told me to give it another week which is what I already did and come back if it continues so I can get a blood test.
    Continued with Vaseline. Kept gear dosages the same. Probably just less fat than usual diet wise.
    Haven't had one in just over 4 days now. So I think its gone.
    Probably just damaged tissue which was easy to break due to a small temporary elevation on blood pressure at the time. + me probably overthinking it.
    I've added Clen and T3 to the mix now so I'll report back after some more time.
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    I had the same
    Issue while I was on eq Increased when I added andvar I was on test Tren an eq, nose became very sensitive even few drops while lifting I think it must be the eq

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ansar View Post
    I had the same
    Issue while I was on eq Increased when I added andvar I was on test Tren an eq, nose became very sensitive even few drops while lifting I think it must be the eq
    I'm off EQ since 1 month ago.
    Added Stanavar.

    Current cycle:
    300mg test e /wk
    50mg stan ED
    50mg var ED
    75mg T3 ED
    80mg Clen ED (1 week on 1 week off)
    0.675mg Letro on Injection days (will reduce to once a week and soon remove towards end of cycle)

    Multivitamins ED
    75mg Baby Aspirin ED
    2000mg Fish Oils ED
    500mg Metformin ED (only on carb meals)

    Only 1 nosebleed in the last month.
    I also think its the EQ.
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    eq can have this effect, it increases the red bloodcell count very strongly

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