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    I’ve been on cycle for 14 weeks at 1.5 ml eod, what can I gainout running this 2ml eod ?

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    bit more results, as the dosage goes up a bit. its about 1.5ml extra per week so there will be some improvements but dont expect miracles with such a small increase in compound

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    Thanks for the reply, have to say this has surpassed my expectations big time. Starting a high bf I really didn’t expect to see such a dramatic shape difference and huge fat loss.

    The coach gave me a little input which helped a lot, Diet much more dialled in although not perfect all the time I must admit.

    How long is it possible to run a blend like this as thankfully not seeing any big sides other thane back acne which I’m guessing is more estrogen rising and falling ( using an ai isn’t as easy as pinning your glutes! )

    So at 43 instead of full pct I was going to run this as only have 3 vials left and then run a low dose of test for a while and then blast again.

    Not sure of a test dose though either :/

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    do some bloodwork mid cycle and see if its all good then you can run it for longer. as long as the body is doing well and you are getting the results

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