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Thread: March 1st update: no shipping today

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    March 1st update: no shipping today

    Due to heavy snowing we are not able to ship out any orders today

    Shipping will resume tomorrow, the 2nd of March, as per usual

    Thank you

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    Heavy snowfalls in the UK so shipping will resume monday the 5th of March, weather permitting

    We are doing out utter best to ship all orders within a 24-36hr period but sometimes even the best get bested by mother nature (but only for a few days)

    Thank you for your patience


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    Sorry, huge backlog sitting at the post office. All orders from last week and this week are ready to go, but will all be sent out tomorrow morning.

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    Got an order waiting to be delivered, not worried as I'm sure you'll deliver as you always do

    MTS ******** approved

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