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Thread: MTS Trenbolone Acetate

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGDADDY View Post
    Let's have abit more feedback with regards to the product and what it's doing!!all I've heard is about TREN cough!!
    I have used super tren then Tren Ace for nearly 5 months and can't fault it. Spot on.

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    I only get the cough when I hit a vein.

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    The thing I noticed about MTS tren ace is just the immense strength you get in such a short space of time, the VASCULAITY goes through the roof... hardness... seperation... pumps

    It is strange, will be brushing my teeth or something or dressing myself in the mirror and my delts will look like you can see the individual muscle fibers in them and the muscle has this weird 3D sort of weird colour look to it too and it looks really strange and amazing

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    The cough is no joke, especially when you use 1ml +

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    And the tren A is great, no need for improvement as it does everything trenbolone should do

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    I feel like a need a mL every morning instead of caffeine or coffee

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    MTS Tren-A is the bomb. I am using it since the beginning and it is just out of this world

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    MTS tren A, all the gains and side effects of tren.

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    As a first cycle would throwing tren in my mix around week 8 for 6-8 weeks be considered overdoing it, I'm running test p and eq , just at the middle of my 4th week. Physically I feel more solid , endurance through the roof, sex drive way up, and not to mention my appetite . Very noticeable difference. working on a build I can take to a stage and compete physique within the next year or two . Depending on my progress . Any feedback would be great!

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    You don't need TREN in your make up yet mate..your journey is a marathon not a up a solid foundation of muscle on other products for the next 12 months at least then perhaps this time next year dip your toe in.
    TREN A is a great product but it does come with a few negatives in my opinion and at this point in time you don't need it.

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