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Thread: Stuff arrived today.....

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    Stuff arrived today.....

    and what do you know 2 extra 10ml vials (Test E and Deca 300), thought I must have ordered wrong but no.

    Total surprise and thanks. Typed in all the codes for the Enth, Deca and T-bol and all kosher so I've jumped on this today and split a 50mg Tbol in half over the day and put in 500/200 Deca and Enth.

    Wasn't expecting stealth packaging as I'm U.K but the postie thinks I ordered beauty products.

    I'll keep you all posted, 7/8 wk cycle of the above, only do 1 or 2 a year and currently running MK677 ( let me know if I'm allowed to give nod to the brand as it's way the best I've had).

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    Good to hear and you are welcome, enjoy and let us know how the products treat you

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    Pack arrived,sorry late post, more stellar mts.gear.prop.mast e,npp.primo.1 more pack I’m waiting for arriving. then some more on the way sometime in December,keep u all posted.

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    Which mk you Running mate?

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    Another nice size mts. Pack inn. Always on time and happy with this gear as I been for the last few years.thanks again.

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    Test e.
    Npp.and t. Bol for now

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