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Thread: Who NEVER gets gyno ...

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    Who NEVER gets gyno ...

    ... im consider myself very lucky indeed . I have really went for it this time round with the amount of gear i have injected but i seem to never suffer from any gyno related issues . I have 3 weeks left to run on cycle and then PCT protocol after longest ester . Im currently using HCG and will ram that up soon but do i even need Nolva to run along side Clomid considering gyno is never an issue .

    Its also very weird to as my brother is a sufferer of gyno and it proves thats genetics / dna mean nothing ...

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    Some people are just lucky with their genetics.

    I am running 100mg Tren-A ED and have no sides
    I ran 600 mg of Test & nearly 100 mg of dbol together with no ai and never got estro sides

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    I have run 6 grams of many things combined.... never got any visual estrogen issues in terms of gyno... but I get prolactin issues with minimal tren and deca.

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    Somehow I used to be.... 500 mg/w test enth would give me Gyno!!

    Now it seems not. Not sure if it is because I am leaner. On 350 mg/w test e 350 deca 700 tren 36 mg superdrol 50 mg TNE EOD (before training) was on 0.5 mg adex EOD, started getting low E2 sides so I just dropped it entirely and even on estrogen rebound although I did bloof I have absolutely no gyno signs sex drive is higher than ever. So currently on e2 rebound from adex on th equilivent og 625 mg test enth 400 deca 700 tren enth 36 sdrol and got no gyno

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    I haven't had a single side ever really. From the times of doing a few years of minimal amounts to proper cycles for comps. Heartburn and aggression from the first time I did tren, but otherwise I just seem to be very lucky.

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    If you cycle and PCT the chances of getting gyno would be pretty slim because just as it would start to appear you will be blasting it to hell with your PCT protocol. I have had pretty severe gyno twice now, both I am assuming are prolactin related because I got it both times on tren however it wouldn't go away no matter how much caber/prami I ran, it only went down after I discontinued tren.

    I am running 1500mg test e at the moment and for the fist 5 weeks I haven't taken anything but nipples are getting a little puffy now so have added in exemestane at 12.5mg EOD.

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    I've never had any issues with gyno and ive did some stupid things in the past lol Ill start itching around nipple and thats it. With deca i have bad prolactin problems but never get gyno.

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    Dont think ive ever had it tbh, i mean i have puffy nipples but ive had them when i got kinda chubby when i was alot younger and theyve just never gone, probs fat or sommot under my nipple

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    no gyno, but get small bumps on back of head and neck

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    never got any gyno.........
    genetics is everything in BB, brah

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