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Thread: Mts july promo

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    Mts july promo

    Discount coupon for 20% off OILS + 2 free oils


    Use this coupon NOW get 20% discount off oils + 2 FREE oils (pls note that your order cannot comprise solely of pharma products).

    This offer is starting NOW and will end Thursday 26th of July (midnight UK time), so be quick!

    Pls note that the 20% discount does not apply for the following products:
    * All pharma products
    * HGH and peptides
    * Tablets
    * already discounted products
    * points
    * bulk deals
    * pharma products
    * other coupons

    Pls note that the 2 free oils promo does not apply for the following products:
    Med Mutasion
    Primo 200
    Med Ment (Trestolone)
    Med Blend 450
    Triple En
    Super Tren

    >> please enter THEGIFT20 in the coupon box of the check out page, and write your 2 free oils in the comment box
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