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Thread: Australian Customs HGH

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    Australian Customs HGH

    Just ordered a kit of Jintropin and Metropin x2 from the store. Separate orders though due to the location of the products.

    Received jintropin package in a [EDIT] product box. No trouble getting through customs and received in perfect condition, no damage and still vacuum sealed (pulls the syringe in itself).

    Medtropin also through customs this morning in typical stealth shipping, no issues there.

    Looking forward to trialing the Medtropin with pharm grade Jintropin for comparison.
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    It is impressive how MTS manage to get their stuff through the toughest customs in the world

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    Glad to here, I'll be looking to order some jintropin from here at some point as it'll save me a bit of money over getting fda gh and jintropin is still pharma grade so there shouldn't be any difference.

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    How long did the whole process take to get your order?

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    I've got 5 kits of Medtropin on it's way. My fingers are crossed!!

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    Ordered on sunday had it friday.

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    Got mine in 8 working days to Australia top service will be stocking up on more soon.


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    any more updates on your 5x pack order getting through ?

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    Thats what i like to hear, Well done MTS…
    MTS all the way !

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