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Thread: Stacking MTS Dianabol and Anadrol review

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    Stacking MTS Dianabol and Anadrol review

    I will be stacking these two products fairly soon, going to start out at 50 mg dianabol and 50 mg anadrol and go to 100 mg anadrol... perhaps 150 mg anadrol

    Watch this space!

    I reckon it's going to be a ridiculous 4 weeks!

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    Powertard what are you lifting PR's? you are a powerlifter right?

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    Sadly I have only been able to squat successfully up until due to having a bicep tendon partial rupture and rotator cuff tears from a lonngg time ago as a kid
    These are better now

    I got to a predicted 315 Kg belt only squat, no knee sleeves or wraps at 86 Kg bodyweight in 20 month training 18 years old on just 500 mg/w Test e and 20-50 mg/d Halotestin

    I went to try this max, my attempts were 300 kg, 305 kg and 315 Kg. Got the 300 Kg IPF depth easy, sunk it into the hole and came out perfect lift. I then tried 305 kg and sadly I was working in a Gym with really shitty equipment. The bar was bent on one side and the knurling was very worn away so as I walked it out it slipped down my back a bit fucking me up. I decided to go a head with the lift and got near lockout but the bar was ust too low and I bailed it. I didn't try 315 kg after that because I was afraid of hurting myself due to the bar and my bicep and rotators were fucking painful to the point my hands were shaking from it slipping down my back.

    I would have got 305 Kg for sure otherwise, likely 315 kg too
    Sadly I hurt my back and hip flexors really badly by falling over on some ice twice in the winter and I have been out of squatting for about 5 months now which really fucking sucks because I was likely going to break the all time world record for the squat at 90 Kg.

    I have been benching, in a 500 calorie-1000 calorie cut, with scapula dyskenesia and torn rotators holding myself back due to these injuries while rehabbing my shoulders recently. Spent 3 weeks prehabbing and learning bench technique. At the 9th week mark, 3 wks prehab 6 wks linear peroidization, I had taken my predicted max on the bench (touch and go no bounce) from 105 Kg to 170 Kg at 92 Kg bodyweight. Currently lifting in the 10-12 rep range with lighter weights now to let my tendons heal up.

    Deadlift I haven't been able to really train properly yet due to my injuries. I'd train it for like 3-4 weeks then have to take 1-2 wks off due to my bicep flaring up. Never truly maxed due to this though I got a 250 kg no belt at 86 Kg predicted max on it just from being able to squat a tonne, so I am sure when I am able to train it with such intensity as my other lifts I will be at the 300 Kg mark and beyond alongside my squat very quickly indeed.

    During my injury time, I have actually just been trying out various dosages and combos of anabolics to see which ones will work for me when I can kill it again. I never usually run huge doses of stuff, my best lifts have been on just 250-500 mg/w test enth and either some superdrol or halotestin. I plan to drop down to something like 300-500 test e 300 deca 300 tren enth when I can train again. Currently got the tren at 700 mg/w because I am cutting and wanting to still progress!
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    MTS dianabol is insane! I got it today and took 1 50 mg tab to see what it was like
    15-20 mins after taking it, I felt really good! I also felt more energetic and motivated as well as less inhibited and focused.

    5 hrs after taking it, I looked in the mirror and there is a cosmetic difference already!! Looking thicker, fuller and rounder and also it looks like my abdominals have lost water from them and my skin looks thinner. My shoulders look wider, too. Chest also seems to have got thicker.

    I took a before and after photo and there is certainly a difference, it seems that it has redistributed water to go inside the muscle.

    Crazy stuff! Cannot wait to run it!

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