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Thread: Big N Full and pip

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    Quote Originally Posted by hasheagle View Post
    MTS lean gain contains no EO.. tho it is of 200 mg/ml inside...

    TEST PROP 50mg,
    TREN ACE 75mg,
    MAST P 75mg,
    The question was about big n full which has I believe 400mg/ml I believe if memory serves right.

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    I have always been a sufferer of pip from other products . I remember when my brother gave me test 400 ... 1 ml and i couldn't walk for days , time off work it was that bad .
    I have no pip at with any mts products at all . I was expecting tren a to be vicious , not at all . Now i just think its more down to how i inject .

    get blood flowing in muscle injection site .

    warm oil in barrel. so it all mixes ( and gets rid of tren cough completly )

    get blood flowing again

    30 ml - 30 seconds for each ml and 20 second stop in between each ml.

    another 20-30 seconds when complete , just leave pin in and relax . i dont pull out straight away and i dont massage muscle at all now . i have read that that is a mistake as some oil can seep back out of muscle into the subconscious tissue if you massage it too soon causing pain , not sure about that though . Even so i think its still the melting point crystals it leaves behind and the concentration of the gear itself . eg , i would never inject test prop by itself , i always cut it with a long ester test like test cyp . 1m for a ml ..

    If i can i train the injected muscle within an hour or at least get the blood flowing again for a final time . I just dont let the oil just sit there . thats juts like asking for pip

    I hate pip , it used to be unbearable but a combination of mts gear and technique works for me .. If i have had pip i think its been my fault and ic went a bit too quick ..
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    I have ordered some more so i will let you all know

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    Let me give you guys a brief insight because some of you on here are seriously lacking in experience.
    As you see just from this thread some people do get pip some dont get pip when taking the same product.
    Its individual to a degree,with MTS products it won't be due to lack of quality,too much EO,too much alcohol etc etc.
    We haven't been in this business 5 weeks but 6 years!!..selling hundreds of thousands of bottles.
    Many of MTS products are highly concentrated,that's why we are unique.but through this odd individuals will experience some discomfort.
    I'm not prepared to but higher concentration of EO in the few products I use it in so you guys can have pip less injections.your health comes first.
    Sometimes it's how individuals pin,there are many reasons why you may have a bad 'shot!'.ive had three good ones then two bad from the same bottle,does this mean the product isn't great quality,know!!

    If this was the case then all injections from the bottle would be bad.
    You need to use a bit of common sense at times and don't jump on the bandwagon when we get the odd person who complains.
    We Brits are quick to complain but find it very hard to give any positivity,and that's in general life not just this game,so remember that!!

    If you have any concerns or need advice this is what the forums for,not just to chime in with a negative comment!!
    Contact the mods they will give you the advice/help you need.

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    the only pip I ever had from MTS products was due to virgin muscles especially my quads. Not saying I'm an experienced user but now I get no pip I literally wake up with no pain/soreness/bumps/lumps etc at all. After I pin I always have a hot bath I find it helps but that just maybe all in my head.

    I also take my time during the process I don't rush! and I make sure everything is done step by step no matter what

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    Pinned 1ml of Big N Full yesterday

    However, I mixed it with 1ml of Aburhain Test E as it was my last 1ml vial.

    No PIP at all. Very pleased. Will report on my next pin as I will just be doing it alone instead of mixing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h0rsey View Post
    Pinned 1ml of Big N Full yesterday

    However, I mixed it with 1ml of Aburhain Test E as it was my last 1ml vial.

    No PIP at all. Very pleased. Will report on my next pin as I will just be doing it alone instead of mixing it.

    Mixing works mate . Some gear i just can not take raw no matter how much i wanted to mainly prop . If your nest pin is raw train the injection within 1 hour . Get the blood flowing , i do and it works nearly every time ..

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    Did my second jab yesterday, but this time with just the blend.. hardly any pip at all which is suprising! Very good

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    Hey anyone explain please what is “EO” thanks

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