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Thread: Cutting cycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonhughes48 View Post
    Cheers for all the advise guys, appreciate it, can I buy T3 from this site? Cheers
    Here you go

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    Thanks mate appreciate it

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    I've been considering taking a conservative approach to cutting i.e not taking more than you need to. The aim of the game for *most* people on a cut is to A. Lose fat (largely determined by the consistency and depth of caloric deficit) and B. Maintain muscle (which can be achieved by taking even just ~300 test p/wk at even higher levels of LBM). Then you could take something additional like NPP or primo or something for cosmetic purposes or maintaining fullness/pump while on a deficit. Just my 2c.

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    20% Bf is quite high...Keep your BP & diet in check. Your cholestrol / liver values especially.

    T3/Clen/tren/test [low dose] - should get you lean enough.

    What BiG has laid out is practically a detailed cycle for you to run, Some people pay for what he has posted

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR BIG View Post
    You mentioned "test" cycle, but there isn't much regarding "test" cycle. So I'll talk about compounds in general and especially no body can provide you dosages without knowing your stats etc... keep in mind you'll need to fix up your diet and carb cycle etc.

    Also - I don't know if you are competing or what your goals are or anything, so all I can do is assume you just want to lose some fat and keep as much muscle as possible. Nothing more.

    Dosages mentioned here are for reference - these may or may not be suitable for you, need to know a lot more about yourself before anyone can decide, but these numbers are generally used by many.

    These are the general compounds. You should use a combination of any of these, but test/tren/masteron should be there no matter what.

    - Test prop 75mg ED
    - Tren A- 75mg ED
    - Masteron 75mg ED

    These are the optional ones. I don't expect you to be using all of these, well I did at the same time, but most won't and don't. Out of the compounds below, I would be taking T3, it gives excellent results.

    - Primo A 100mg ED or Primo E 700mg EW
    - Anavar 50-100mg ED
    - Oral winny 50-100mg ED
    - HGH 4-8iu/day (FDA)
    - T3 50-100mcg ED
    - IGF1 LR3 100-200mcg post workout on days you do 8iu gh.
    - caber if needed

    Sample clen and ephedrine cycle:

    Month 1: Clen start 5 days on at 60mcg, 3 days off, 5 days on at 80mcg, 3 days off, 5 days on at 100mcg, 3 days off. Repeat 5 on 3
    Month 2: Start ECA on days off from clen.
    Month 3: Clen at 100mcg 5 on 3 off, ECA on days off

    Though to keep things simple, you might just want to do something basic like this:

    Test P 50mg ed
    Tren A 50mg ed
    Var 50mg ed
    T3 50mcg ed
    Killer advice! Thanks you answered my question as well.

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    Going to defo run a cycle once I've got my bf down

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