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Thread: Methyltrienelone, MTS M-tren attempt number 2!

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    Methyltrienelone, MTS M-tren attempt number 2!

    I will be running mtren for 3 weeks at 0.25 mcg a day with 15-20 mg injectable superdrol per day for 3 weeks soon. TUDCA will be dosed at 1000 mg a day.

    I have already made a very full review about mtren, though I felt I actually took too much. I was reading forum posts and guys were taking 1-2 mg a day to get good results so I thought that's what I had to do. I took 0.5 mg-1mg over the course of 12 days and I couldn't handle it. It was too much for me! Although the results were AMAZING I literally felt like I was dying. It is now clear to me that MTS mtren is correctly dosed and upon further research my results fall in line with the german studies done on it and the UGLs the other guys were using were poorly dosed if not bunk.
    I had to stop after 12 days because I was getting 3-4 hrs broken sleep, I was dry as hell (great if you're a bber bad if a PLer like me) and just felt really lethargic. The results were amazing, I mutated in those 12 days. I swear I built LBM that I kept in just 12 days from before and after photos and I lost fat. Really immense stuff.

    Soooo I have a vial left. I want to see what this stuff can do over 3 weeks but at a dose my sensitive ass can tolerate!

    I am excited, if I can get similar results to last time without feeling bad then this should be a great 3 week mini-cycle

    Watch this space, starting in around 2 weeks depending on where my LFT is after I get my blood test results back!

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    I am gonna be trying this with 1cc of shredded ED which has 1mg of mtren. I hope I get the same results

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    It is AMAZING if you can tolerate it. Like truly frickin' amazing.

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    I can fall asleep standing up. and I have never had any problems with Tren A fucking up my sleep, so I hope so

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    I got some really cheap tren ace (it was legit, friend made it for me at cost) and was ran it at 75 mg ED alongside 700 mg tren enth for 4 weeks.
    I got night sweats etc, woke up a few times per night usually with low blood sugar etc.

    NOTHING compared to 1 mg mtren. Honestly nothing.

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    Well I will let you now what happens. I want those gains tho

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    Oh man you'll get gains, gains out the ass
    It is the most mutating AAS I have used so far
    You take it and you just change

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    I used it for 8-9 days. 500mcg ED for the first 3, I felt nothing so I used 1mg ED for 4-5 days, still nothing. So I went to 2mg on the last day and then I stopped because I still felt nothing. And by nothing I mean no agression, no strengh boost, no pump, etc...
    I know there was something in the oil, because the first 2 times I inject it, I didn't ate anything and my stomach got really distended and bloated 2h post injection. For the other injections, I ate just before or after the injection and I was fine.

    So I really don't know what to think about that... Maybe I'm just no sensitive to it.

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    Did you use MTS?
    I was getting pumps just by WALKING!! I was having to stop every few footsteps and let it go away!

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    Yeah I used MTS. That's why I don't know what to think about that... I trust them, so maybe M-tren is not for me. Or I don't know if that's possible, but maybe a bad batches of raw ?

    And to be clear, I'm not bashing anyone here. I'm just sharing my experience with it.

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