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Thread: Please post an honest testimonial

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    Great p try inducts and fast delivery

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    MTS Test E 300 is a go to! Great deals, great service, fast shipping! Never had an issue!

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    MTS is known for have the best test E and best Trenbolone ( this since 2014 )

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    My honest Review: You guys are awesome. Reliable and effective. As someone who values my health and safety, I only trust MTS and will always come here for what I need. Besides my gains (which are very visibly not natty) My blood work has proven that everything is legit every time. Keep up the good work! I'll be back

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    Used med tech in 2014 for two years and was the best stuff I’ve ever used made amazing gains and felt like super man, this is the only lab I trust and will use as results speak for their self , amazing rage too

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    Many athletes satisfied with MTS and only using MTS.
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    Was directed here 10 months ago by my PT (absolute tank) and wouldn't use any other supplier if I had the choice
    I've gained a good 10 kilos of muscle in last year
    On a primo/npp/test-e cycle at the mo' and the weights are flying
    Even during the recent Royal Mail shenanigans they will get the stuff to you.
    Thanks guys
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    I've been using Mt's test,tamoxifen and adex for 5 yrs on self admin trt of 150mg week, with 2x 8 week blasts a year of 300mg test 300mg Mt's deca.
    Bloods are perfect on trt dose, no pip.
    I will not use anyones gear except MTS..

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    So I’ve been using Med-tech for a good few years. I used to have a gym in the northwest. Just wanted to leave a review to let the world know how good this stuff is. I’ve had massive gains over the years and have never had a bad batch of anything. I’ve used everything from test E right though to med mustasion. The tren is also spot on as well as long as you can cope with the rage that can come with it haha anyway just wanna say. These have great products and great service to complement it. Thanks bigdaddy n everyone else

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    I used tt 300 and test E. Both gave me good results. Test E blood work come back 3 times higher test after 13 weeks. Good products. Time to buy again
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