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    Quote Originally Posted by longishlonghorn View Post
    Could i take arimidex during cycle, and just clomid or novadex for pct? Would that be a safe run for a first cycle? Id be taking 500mg test e for 12 weeks. Im 22, 5'10 160lbs been working out on and off about 4 years, and about 2 consecutive years now. Not sure what my bf percentage is, id guess right around 13% though. Thanks for the help guys, just wanna be completely safe my 1st run
    Yes. Many people do that. BUT I don't find PCT effective.... even with CLOMID + NOLVADEX + HCG and repeated 3 times, it did nothing to keep gains or handle my emotional issues while trying to ercover. Arimidex is okay during cycle.

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    my opinion on the AI during cycle is, take when needed or when u need to dry out.

    But I am a believer in pulling bloods to understand if u need the AI. what works for one may not work for others.

    so i test my estro levels. i first found out i had low estro to go with my low test levels of course which is what i turned to cycles, HRT in this case.

    anyway for me, i found out i am very sensitive to estro sides but not prolactin sides. so i need to take a good level of AI normally a tab of adex 3 times per week for a moderate test cycle but I am running more ai now cause trest is new to me.

    i mean the sides will def give u a feel for where ur estro levels are but this game can be such a mind fawk ya know. if u can, get ur estro levels checked like 6-8 weeks into the cycle and see how they are. but def keep and ai on hand. i also keep letro in case the sides run amuck.

    and get ur AI here so u know its dosed right.

    ok ill stop rambling now.

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    I have been on 2/3 heavy cycles for comp preps, progressively more each time. Well documented on here. Frankly I have two shows left (18 days, 25 days)and financially and health wise I feel I need a break. I was going to have a clean month off first and foremost before starting a sensible off season cycle for 3 months. Does this sound sensible? Should I take anything during my month off? I just want a bit of time for my body to re adjust, I have been pretty much on cycle for 9 months by the time this show comes around and I think it's time to give it a break to get back to a bit of normality.

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    for past 2 weeks ive been taking calcium d glucirate 1000 morning 1000 before bed reversed my lump and worked beter than asin and nolva.
    its pretty cheap like 20 bucks, i dont even need ai anymore on 600 test 450 deca,

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    Been using now since last April so 16 months I guess. Main thing has been 1ml of leangain ed, topping up with more Tren when I fancy it. Cruising I use 25-50mg of test ed. Im 43, I need that shit. Been using 50mg Proviron ed, not sure its necessary. Occasionally I get an itchy chest and a little bit bitchy. I take an Aromasin, maybe two over the week but never more than 2. Not had any PCT issues because Ive never come off since, no intention of it. Couldnt imagine having my old test levels back. Come off? Not a fucking chance! (sorry for the language gentlemen).

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