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Thread: Equi-max

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    I add primo in separately 500mg plus the 175mg from EQ primo . so useless no , save some injection volume yes big time . that's 2cc less oil of primo l would have to fit in.

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    And real primo like Med-Tech stuff you can notice at less than 500mg when you keep your bf low . their are many things primo is doing internally that you " so call don't notice"

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    How many ml a shot ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otti View Post
    How many ml a shot ?
    i sent you an email about this. look at mg/ml on the vial and determine how many ml's you need to get your wanted weekly dosage (mg's).

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    First of all, I'm a huge fan of equipoise.
    The thing I normally don't like is the amount of ml's you have to stick into your butt every week!

    Luckily mts had a solution the equi-max is 500mg/ml so that saves you a lot of ml's to inject! U would expect a lot of pip because of the high concentration, but the cook did a great job and it's fully painless!

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    How many mg you running guys ? And how many weeks?

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    1 ml eod + other gear containing eq (eq-test, big n full,...)

    generally take 2+ gram a week of eq.

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    How did you get on with 2 grams a week I'm using a gram a week 11th week in not bad gains but nothin to shout about steady more being how did u get on with double the dose ??
    Quote Originally Posted by Phill View Post
    1 ml eod + other gear containing eq (eq-test, big n full,...)

    generally take 2+ gram a week of eq.

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    hi to all . I'm going to start a cycle with equl-max .what should I start of with ..when should I up it . and for how long ..can I add to it too wks be for the end of cycle.

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    can you tell me be for I start my cycle I'm going to use 500mil to times a wk on eq-max and I'm going to stack with deca 300 if so how much you think ????

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