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Thread: OFF-SEASON BLUEPRINT - 2016 NABBA Juniors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR BIG View Post
    Keeping it simple? seems you just made it less simple.

    The dosages are fine, but I don't think you should be taking that much dbol with anadrol, I don't like combining them, I always stop after a week because I start getting acid reflux etc... my appetite drops too.

    I think the nose bleeds would be due to the EQ. I got them too but at 1500mg/week.
    Ok cool!
    Well in that case I'll just cycle between either Drol or Dbol - 6 weeks on each

    I've also got some MTS TripleEn on hand - is that something I should give a crack this offseason?

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    Another change in gear:

    MTS Test 400 @ 1500mgs/wk
    MTS Deca 300 @ 750mgs/wk
    MTS Anadrol @ 100mgs/pre-workout
    MTS HGH @ 5iu/day
    Slin @ 10iu/pre-workout

    OFF-SEASON BLUEPRINT - 2016 NABBA Juniors.-bulk-jpg

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    Nice progress mate. Am also from sydney. Keen to get started on the gh sooner than later

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    I would up that insulin. 10iu/day is shit all.
    Good pic though... maximise your results... seriously need to up that insulin.

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