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Thread: brief medtropin review

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    into my 3rd week of this product still running 2iued first thing in the morning prior to my first meal of the day.

    I have noticed I am sleeping better and my hands feel a little funny note puffy just kind of tight feeling. So far I am happy and plan on running this product long term to receive the best result. only used hgh once before and that was pharma grade @ 1iued for 12 weeks and it was only just starting to pay off but I went off it because cost was not justified although I know hgh works best long term. I had a mate run the same pharma as me @ 2iu ed but he did it for 8 months an he looked great I mean he was 47 at the time and he ran a small cycle with it and he looked better then most 20 year olds. so now I have the chance to run mts product long term I cant wait to see end result.

    Will keep you posted


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    Well I am a month in on medtropin and I must say this stuff is the real deal. I had some swelling in hands but got better after 10 days. I week 2 sleeping better and waking up fresh.

    Now after 20+ years of training my body has taken a beating and I have my fair share of aches and pains. I got one of those bio-flow sports bands and that helped a bit but my low back still was giving me problems. So glad I found medtropin because I wanted to use hgh for better health and this stuff @ 2iu per day is now healing my pain and with long term use I feel I have many years of training ahead left. GREAT PRODUCT!

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