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Thread: Dianabol

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    Started taking this 24 hrs ago, 50 mg a day as 2x 25 mg divided dose and I have already thickened up and I look better! I feel absolutely ridiculously good. Like walking on air!

    Training today, I will report how it goes!

    This is the beginning of my dianabol log, will add in anadrol soon
    Want to experience dianabol solo for a bit
    First time running Dianabol


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    Training went well today
    strength was higher for sure, perhaps just from feeling good?

    Cannot wait to see what the week brings... And also what the anadrol brings in combo

    I will spend 2 weeks.on dbol then the 4 weeks after that on the anadrol and dbol combo

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    Scale weight is up by 1.3 Kg already

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    Strength and endurance has increased significantly so far.

    Overhead press for 3 sets of 8 has increased by 5 Kg since starting

    Able to do more sets with adequate rest in between sets before I cannot do that weight anymore for the number of reps I want

    Thickness is increasing every day

    Pumps are fantastic, 25 mg taken before bed 25 mg pre training

    Weight up by 1.5 kg

    My friend just got 20 g of anadrol so I will be adding in the anadrol tomorrow at 50 mg a day. So 50 mg MTS dianabol AND 50 mg MTS Anapolon.
    Currently on 800 mg TUDCA, feeling great.

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    Anadrol has been added.

    Got the most immense pump doing OHP and hammer curls. My shoulders chest and arms turned into this RED mass. My skin went pure red.
    It was awesome

    Weight up +1.5-1.6Kg

    Added 0.5 mg adex EOD... 600 mg test 600 mg deca 50 mg dbol is a lot of aromatisation... as much as I hate AIs I feel this is needed to prevent gyno... started getting sliiighttlly sensitive nipples and they were puffy.

    The one thing I noticed you NEED to do to get the most out of anadrol is to drink a lot of water... I find my performance suddenly skyrockets on drol when I start drinking salty water and lots of normal tap water too.

    Cannot wait for this anadrol to kick in... I remember what it was like last time and it was immense. Anadrol + the dbol will be craazzyyy.

    Got loads of compliments today about how big I am lol

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    lol wtf did you put in these pills

    I am horny ALL the damn time now. Got a boner because some girl touched my hair today.

    I keep waking up with turbo horniness and then I get insomnia due to being so horny

    It never stops lol

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    Anadrol is kicking in.

    Scale weight up 5 Kg since starting!!! WTFFF!

    I did 100 pushups yesterday... I got the most ridiculous pump I have ever experienced. I couldn't move my arms very much. My whole body just swelled to this big red lump of mass and everything was all popping out and thick. I took a photo and it was the first time I looked at it and thought "Holy shit, I look like a legit BBer like you see on the internet" lol
    I am a powerlifter so I don't train for size but that really caught me off guard and it looked awesome

    Anyway, now moving this to the dbol + adrol thread:
    (if a mod could please move that thread to this section, it'd be better)

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    Overhead pressing today
    We will see how much strength I have gained

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    Seems like you are making gains every hour.

    Time to upload dem pictures. I want to see your gains.

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    Sure I will
    Remember that I am an injured powerlfter so don't laugh at my mediocre physique :P

    I'll see if I can get the before photos off my camera because they are on the internal memory and I don't know where the cable is for it

    btw it's worth noting that when I lift weights (bench etc) the weight feels a lot more stable too
    I found this when I was taking 50-150 mg adrol per day when squatting and suddenly I got that stable feeling and my squat just skyrocketed to 250 kg x 15 in just a belt!

    Lol I also rode a bike up this steep hill as fast as I could in max gear and had power to spare
    Was pretty fun

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