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Thread: Advice on first cutting cycle

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    Advice on first cutting cycle

    Hello, I'm considering a cutting cycle the only previous experience I have using anabolics is what i'm currently on which is day 14 of anavar only cycle, after doing more research i wish i had waited and done it with some sort of test but I think that's to late, anyway hoping for some advice for my next cycle as a beginner I'm still testing the waters and seeing how my body reacts to it.

    here are some stats to go on taken just before I started the anavar only cycle

    been training 2 going on 3 years
    weight - 194.6
    Body fat - 13%
    Hight 6.1

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    No point doing your first cycle as a cut mate, you should take your first couple cycles to put on some quality muscle. A first cycle generally consists of test, deca or a combination of both after a little while on that you may want to introduce some orals.

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    Get to 10% or below then put some size on.

    To cut - test at 300 with your anavar would be pretty good for just being aesthetic imo and is enough for your bodyweight and wont make you watery looking

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    appreciate the replys got my self some test e the other day going to run it with my anavar for 12 weeks, also down to 12.9% BF diet is on point as is my training and cardio, the anavar has started to reduce fat around my gut and some nice strength gains have appeared bench increased today from 100kg was going up 8 times got it up 13 and went up to 105 for 7, thanks again for the advice can honestly say im enjoying the results so far and cant wait to see what effect the test E has.

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