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Thread: Massive transformation

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    wow, keep up the good work

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    Damn dude you are a monster

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    really thick back

    what do you do for upper middle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by finacat View Post
    really thick back

    what do you do for upper middle?
    actually, my back is shitty. when I see my friend's back I'm like holy shit. What's thick is my traps I have massive traps, but I don't train them. if I trained them, they would be just stupid big.

    the only back exercises I do is

    * lat pull downs
    * machine rows
    * machine rows (different machine)

    And that's it. Too busy to do more in the gym. I can do chin ups of about 10 reps and I weigh about 120kg or so.

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    i saw you on org, you are looking fuckin good!

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    If u were lookin like this in the 1970's youd be in Mr Universe mayve even olympia

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    I love the 10 picture timeline looks cool . My goals are not the same high level as yours but you look awesome son ..

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