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Thread: the push too 330

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    pushdown both rope 3x15 21-26-26kg
    pushdown close bar 3x15 26-23-23kg
    rope overhead both arms 3x15 14-14-10kg
    pushdown bar long 3x15 23kg
    reverse bar long 3x15 23kg
    cable overhead 1 arm 3x15 7.5kg
    dip machine pull up 3x15 66kg

    cable curl behind 3x15 10kg
    high cable curl 3x15 5.3-7.5-7.5kg
    concentration curl cable 3x15 5.2kg
    pulldown 3x15 52kg
    preacher hammer bench close 3x15 12kg
    preacher machine 3x15 32kg

    pin press 2x15 66kg drop set
    pin fly 3x15 86kg
    close grip smith 2x15 40kg
    smith wide 3x15 40kg

    db rear delt 3x15 20-22-
    pec dec rear delt trap 6x15 73kg
    db side raise on seat 3x15 12kg
    front raise bar 3x15 35kg
    upright row 3x15 35kg

    bar on pulldown 5x15 42kg
    reverse db 5x15 14kg

    pin 6x20 100kg

    took 2 dbol pre and wow felt skin bursting pumps in bicep mostly bicep but everything else crazy pump too weight again looks like nothing but will progress it up

    Starting weight 265lbs would like to be mid 280s by July but hold it here I think

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    Photos tonight with monstro on vest 🥲 it pushed me hard but little sad after

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    What time is it ?
    “It’s vein o’clock !!!”
    Loooking absolutely jacked bro

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    behind pulldown 3x15 66kg
    pulldown front 3x15 52kg
    rope 3x15 21kg
    cable pulldown 3x15 26kg
    close grip pulldown low back 3x15 45kg
    reverse easy bar cable row 3x15 44-44plus 10kg
    db pullover 2x15 34-40kg
    v bar pulldown low back focus 2x15 45kg
    Bar upper back 3x15 45kg
    machine pin lower focus 2x15 52kg
    bb row 2x15 120kg
    Dorian dead 2x15 120kg

    pec fly 3x15 64kg
    Cable shrug 3x15 30kg
    y raises on incline 2x15 12kg

    1 arm behind cable 3x15 14kg
    1 arm cable 3x15 5.7kg
    rope behind 3x15 14kg
    V pushdown back on machine 3x15 57kg
    super ^pushdown pull up machine 3x15 50kg pushdown pushdown 3x15 23-30-30kg
    db kick back 2x15 14kg

    The goal is too slowly progress weight up from here the higher rep is far superior and the pumps are absolutely crazy since adding the extras in dbol big nd full even eating my jaw gets pumped lol not had this but loving it energy good hunger very high

    No real joint pain tendon healed fully in knee which is unbelievable

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    Quote Originally Posted by emperorcaliano View Post
    What time is it ?
    “It’s vein o’clock !!!”
    Loooking absolutely jacked bro
    Haha I love that bro really appreciate it 🙏

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    db incline 3x15-8-34kg 40-50-34kg
    db flat 3x12-10-19 36-42-42kg
    incline db fly 3x12 24kg
    high incline smith 2x10-8 80-100kg
    plate press 2x15 60kg
    machine fly 3x12 45kg
    dip machine 2x12 91kg
    fly cable 4x15 17kg
    low pec fly 4x15 10kg

    first set work up heavy then drop back down
    smith progress up in weight
    db fly progress up in weight

    side raise standing cable 4x15 5.2kg
    rope rear 3x15 21-26-26kg
    ^superset pulldown 3x15 39-45-45kg
    front raise cable 3x15-12-12 7.5-10-10kg
    rear delt cable bent 3x15-12-12 10-12.5-12.5kg

    db seated curl 3x15-12-12 12-16-16kg
    db over preacher 2x12 20kg
    hammer rope 3x29 17.5kg
    preacher machine 3x15 36kg
    hammer rope 3x12 17.5kg

    Very good session pump is unbelievable now feels so tight now going too increase weight up now as feeling strong but form being key I’m going too now try different rep range again 15-12-10-8

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    Did legs tonight with big John put me through a brutal workout was a crazy good session but had the dbol low back pumps lol

    knee is healed all them 12 years of issues gone bpc into the tendon is a miracle no more inflammation can kill legs like normal couldn’t be happier

    Rest tomorrow back at it again

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    close grip plates 2x12-8 120-140kg
    db flat 2x10-8 46-50kg
    db incline 2x12-10 42-46kg
    incline db fly 2x10 28kg
    flat db fly 2x10 28kg
    high incline smith pec deltoid 2x8 80kg
    flat wide smith 2x17-15 80kg
    machine fly 3x12 68-73-73kg
    dip machine 2x15 76kg
    fly cable 2x15 19-21kg
    low pec fly 2x15 14kg
    dip machine 2x15 91kg

    side raise standing cable 3x15 5.2kg
    rope rear 3x15 32kg
    bar 2x12 43kg
    front raise cable 2x12 10kg
    rear delt cable high 3x12 10kg

    hammer rope 2x15-12 30-35kg
    db seated curl 2x8 18kg
    spider curl easy bar 3x12 10kg < best movment
    ^superset db back on wall
    preacher machine 2x15 36kg

    Good start to the week now focus progress again on weigh resting 3 minutes on main movment still very slow control

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    Rope 4x10 17kg
    cable row 1 hand reverse 3x12 21-26-32kg
    behind pulldown 3x10 59-66-73kg
    pulldown front 3x10 59-59-66kg
    close grip pulldown 3x10-8 45-52-52kg
    reverse seated row low lat 3x10 36kg
    pin upper back 3x10 66kg
    hypers 2x15

    pec fly 3x15 64kg
    Cable shrug 3x15 30kg
    y raises on incline 2x15 12kg

    1 arm behind rope cable 3x10 14-17-19kg
    2 hand rope behind 3x12 21-23-23kg
    bar pushdown 3x12-10 23-26-32kg
    ^superset rope 3x10 7.5kg
    kick back cable 3x12 7.5kg

    Great session tonight got little niggle in right shoulder but it will heal it’s the only issue left I need to fix shooting bpc into the tendon

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    lying ham 3x12 32-36-41kg
    standing ham on lying 3x10 32kg
    standing ham on ext 3x10 32-39-45kg

    Abductor 3x12 104kg
    adductor 3x20 104kg

    Quad focus
    leg ext 3x15 66-79-79-86kg

    Leg press
    ^upper close 2x15 300kg
    ^lower legs close 2x15 150-200kg
    wide stance 2x15 200kg

    Bulgarians on plank 2x15 12kg

    Smith 4x15

    glute bridge smith 3x12 90kg
    db in between leg 2x12 30kg
    db stiff 2x12 30kg

    Amazing session and go finally have zero knee pain it’s amazing my shoulder is 95 healed too bpc157 crazy at healing

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