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Thread: Advice on cutting cycle!! shredded/mt20

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    Advice on cutting cycle!! shredded/mt20

    I am looking to run either shredded at 2cc eod or 1cc shredded + 1cc mt200 mast/tren mix eod.

    Which would bring better results? Has anyone ran this cycle or similar too, what are your experiences with these products please let me know.

    Most likely run stanavar for oral and halo maybe for the last 4 weeks.



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    I am running this exact thing, almost!

    i am currently pinning .7cc shredded and .8cc of the promt200 6 days a week. I added a little prop EOD.

    Now i am far from an expert so id let others chime in, esp matty, dudes knows his stuff. and of course the mods, etc.

    so i like running ED for more stable levels but I guess EOD would work too. I feel I am pushing it running shredded at .7cc cause the Mtren but so far so good!

    running some var too, but i think its crap. its NOT from these guys please note. Once I am out of other peoples crap MTS all the way for me!

    so sides, some cough maybe 1 out of 10-15 times. bit of sleep issues. my urine is only dark first thing in morning when I wake up. I am drinking like 1.5 gallons water per day and taking a all in 1 health supp for prostate, BP, hearth, chol, etc.

    in the gym, a beast. daily changes. loving it.

    my suggestion if ur new to trest and mtren start is slow and bump it up. good luck!

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    Cheers for the information man.
    Yeah maybe it would be more stable if I ran ed, taking 2cc off shredded in one hit with the mtren might be a bit to much eod although I have seen a post with someone doing so and seemed to be all sweet.
    yeah matty looka good on that post
    I shall prob start 1cc of each and up the shredded and lower the mt200 if needs be.
    Excited to try the trest sounds like good stuff!
    Are you running an AI?? I was thinking arimidex .5 eod.
    How long are you into your cycle and how long you planning on running for?

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