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Thread: Assessing Quality by side effects and labels

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    Assessing Quality by side effects and labels

    I received an email from a customer who bought some melanotan:

    1) Judged quality of his product by side effects, rather than positive effects. He took melanotan (2 shots) and immediately discards it as being poor quality. Where's the side effects? How about going to the sun tanning salon and judging the quality after you turn black quickly. I remember someone doing exactly this.... he tripled up on his dosages and ended up fucking up his tan to the point of not even being a tan, just pure black skin.

    2) Judged quality of his product by a 3 cent printed label that was missing, hence he said he wasted his money on an unbranded version that is not the same as what is shown on the product page of the web site.

    Please people.... It is disappointing to read uneducated complaints.

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    Sorry you have to deal with morons like that

    The guy turning himself black is hilarious
    My friend was going to to the exact same thing then I told him what would happen and he stopped... partially regret that because he hasn't learned and it would have been hilarious

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    It's funny when guys complain about NOT getting tren cough - and I have to admit the thought sneaks into my head, since if you get it -> you 'know' the gear is legit. which is pretty stupid. funnily enough I've never got the cough, but i've only taken tren ace in a mix with mast prop, (MT200) so maybe when tren is mixed with something else the cough never happens?

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    IIRC it's the oxides of tren which cause a prostagladin release shortly after injection causing your airways to constrict and have an asthma like attack
    or you inject into/near a vein and make an oil embolism but that'd cause a cough+much more with annnyyy oil based injection.

    If you cook your tren right and don't overheat it so it goes brown-red/rusty gold colour then no cough
    If you overheat it and your tren turns rusty-gold then tren cough is far more likely. MTS tren has always been a sort of bright yellow-gold colour and never had cough... only had my most recent vial of tren enth be a darker gold colour but it isn't rusty-gold/red like a lot of tren is. Don't get cough with that vial either.

    Funny thing is that if the oxide hypothesis is correct then people are worried about not having oxides of tren in their tren ace/enth...oxides of tren don't do anything to help you in BBing/to build muscle IIRC. They just give you coughing.

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