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Thread: Medtropin review!

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    Mr big, the chiro said it was a strain but it wasn't a bad strain by any means,very mild

    She tested the shoulder and it had good function but obviously not good enough to bench press etc at the time and it caused pain when she tested it too

    I know for a fact though that when I benched yesterday it was feeling good


    A girl literally just came up to me as I was sat on a bench outside eating some crisps and just randomly started talking to me saying I look amazing and asked me if I went to the Gym I go to because she's seen me there and thinks I look amazing lol

    I swear girls can sense hgh/IGF-1... There must be *something*... the ONLY time a girl has ever done that was when I was on GHRP-2 and IGF-1 LR3 at high doses and had a very similar thing happen.

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    Facial bloat has kicked in lol
    Not sure if from entirely hGH or a mix of everything but my face has suddenly exploded since adding in the hGH though I also upped my test enth dose to 1g/w on the day of the hGH from 600mg/w (hGH=use high test)

    If I sleep then wake up I can feel all the water in my eyes and if lay down on my bed and use by laptop for a bit then water literally starts leaking out ofmy tearducts like i'm crying lol

    I am on 1g/w test 600mg/w deca 400 tren enth 50mg dbol/d 100mg oxy/d and 5 IU hGH 5 days a week, obviously the bloat isn't down to the hGH 100%. In fact this has happened to me before but not as severely when running 1g/w test e as an experiment months and months ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironmaster View Post
    Yeah me too. I have been scammed from a guy that appeared to tick all the boxes. I was trying to get the best deal on hgh blue tops and even though I now local suppliers that can get me kingtropin and yes the product is gtg they are just 3 times the price for it.

    So I find this guy over the net and said he can help me out with some blue tops so I pay for 2 kits and with postage and WU fee $475.00us long story short I lost my cash and package never came. Good news MTS is gtg and my order of medtropin arrived. Big thanks to all the staff at MTS you really take your business serious and I will be ordering more soon.

    That really sucks

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    LOL was walking down the road with a tank top on and some little kid shouted "Arrgh it's the hulk!"

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    Oh man. I keep waking up hypo
    Had to get up 3 times last night... first drank 1 L pineapple juice then 3 bananas then white rice and some milk

    Having to eat every few hrs or I feel hypo lol

    Probably not the hGH.. likely because I upped my tren enth from 400 mg/w to 600 mg/w
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    Mix some fats and complex carbs in there. I was on 750/week tren and only had hypo issues when eating fast carbs as they'd make me crash and go hypo. Gh doesn't cause hypo, it actually raises your blood sugar due to it causing insulin resistance.

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    I have indeed been mixing some fats in, I usually eat 5 large eggs, 100 g white rice and a butter+marmite sandwich before bed
    lol having to keep pineapple juice or white rice by my bed

    I am aware hGH raises blood sugar so I am quite confused!

    Anyway, I also did 1.5 mg of BPC 157 into my strained shoulder. Yesterday I overhead pressed 85 Kg 3x5 full ROM (kept it light) to evaluate the shoulder after warming up very carefully and there was NO pain. The right shoulder seemed slightly weaker than usual though this is normal! It has been 1 week and I can already OHP and bench after restraining it with no issues. Still have the impingement when I bench which is usual for me but this seems to be clearing up slowly with my chiro treatment and rotator exercises.

    Doing really well! Hoping to bench 180 Kg in the next 1.5 weeks.

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    I am looking very much bigger. Got that blocky 3D hGH look starting to come through. People are saying I have "mutated" and I have got "way bigger" and my shoulders and traps have got bigger.

    Pumps are ridiculous.

    Veins all over my forearms and bicep vein as well as very vascular feet LOL

    Sent a photo to George Leeman and even he was impressed

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    Sorry for the drop off in post frequency

    My laptop suddenly died. Power reg circuitry failed and fried the motherboard killing it entirely.

    Did a BBing style training session today after doing my speedwork on bench... holy shit. Literally painful pumps. Did 3 sets of 20 reps slow with a pause on chest with just a plate on each side 1 min rest between sets and I was in a considerable amount of pain. 3rd set by the 5th rep my ROM was actually restricted slightly due to the level of pump. Had to go into the changing room and walk around then went into the toilet and rocked back and forth while my pecs tris bis and forearms were in a lot of pain. Only time I ever got this level of pump was using legit IGF-1 LR3 dosed 80-100 mcg pre training. Once the endorphins kicked in it felt sooooo good and I did higher rep low rest workout for lats, rear delts, tris, bis and traps. Had such a lat pump from 4x15 chins and supersetted lat pulldowns by arms were stuck out like I was carrying barbed wire under them lol. Got a lot of glances and even caught all 6 of the girls in there staring at me in the mirror and at my turbo-vascular forearms doing tricep pushdowns 10x10 1 min rest between.

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    Hey guys!

    Doing great! Started 500 mcg BPC 157 into my shoulder... amazing. Every session noticing improvements now. NO pain on overhead press anymore, feels a lot more powerful nowadays just from the tendon not wobbling around as much.

    Bench press still is a little painful but nowhere near what is was! Pumps are just outstanding. Any sets 8-12 with 2 mins rest in between = cannot move and in pain with veins everywhere.

    If I eat a good amount of meat (say a 300 g rump steak) with 125 g white rice my forearms go very vascular.

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