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Thread: MTS Parabolan - Wow.

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    MTS Parabolan - Wow.

    To be honest I wasn't expecting Parabolan to be as kick arse as this. My strength, stamina and libido have gone through the fucking roof. Not to mention I'm gaining size rapidly but looking leaner, harder and dryer. This shit is unreal!

    Currently using 375mgs/wk (5ml) in conjunction with MTS Test 400, MTS EquiMax, MTS Medtropin, Slin & Anadrol.

    Competed 6 weeks ago at 88kgs (192lbs) and weighed in yesterday at 113.5kgs (250lbs).

    Highly recommend!

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    192-->250 in 6 wks!?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    192-->250 in 6 wks!?

    Yea not going to lie, it hasn't come without its share of shitty sides lol.

    I'll post pics in a few weeks

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    lol I bet

    I am excited to see

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    Lower back tight, calf and tibialis pumps walking uphill?

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