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    Tren e

    Near taken tren before how much would u advise taking for a cutting cycle was thinking 200mg twice a week with 600mg test e? Also would it be worth me getting tren duo if only injecting twice a week

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    If running tren for the first time then most will run TREN Ace instead of TREN e at a dose of 50mg eod so it works out on average to 175mg per week Now if you want to use TREN E as a first timer just double the dose 350mg per week or for ease sake say 400mg per week divided into 2 weekly shots of 200mg say Monday- Thursday.

    take test with it if if after a leaner gain match the dose of test to your tren or if after the most mass possible double your dose of test to TREN.

    On a side note I would run the tren e at 400mg week for say 10 week then change to tren a last 4 weeks at 50mg eod this will enable the tren e to clear your system or you could look at running some MT200 after your run of TREN E along with some test prop.

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