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Thread: advice to continue

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    advice to continue

    I am currently running parabolan 3ml/ew
    And test prop 3ml/ew for 12 weeks
    I'm thinking about to carry on for another 10 weeks for cutting tren acetate 3ml/ew
    Test prop 3ml/ew
    And masteron 3ml/ew

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    Why not good idea to change compounds around abit to reboot your body into further progress instead of continuously upping your dosages.
    Would also throw an oral in there for the last 4-6 weeks which will produce further results,(ANAVAR starting off at 25mg aday going up to 75mg aday then tapering back down all over the 4-6 weeks.)

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    Thanks for the advice

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    im taking that for a test run, changing compounds. running some of the blends here. just came off some prop and shreded blend and going into something else.

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