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Thread: Medtropin (hgh)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilbull113 View Post
    do i need bacteriostatic water or is it premixed
    it is not premixed, you need bac water. premixed hgh lasts very shortly, poweder form lasts months so best is never premixed

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    Is medtropin an 191 AA or 192 AA because its so cheap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGBROWN2014 View Post
    When will more be in stock?
    we are working on it so stay tuned, thank you

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    So you do not know and let it analyze?

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    On the package stand its somatropin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mw3best View Post
    On the package stand its somatropin
    somatropin is the general name for growth hormone. its 191aa

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    I have used various HGH before and I personally respond to Medtropin better than any others. I’m 41 and my diet even though varies between good, caveman and few cheat days my physique is harder and stronger than in my twenties. I take 4-5iu is a day, get a slight numbness in fingers in morning, slight water retention but I’m constantly lean, strong and feel tip top with all my joint aches and pains gone. I really do think Medtropin is the real deal and at an amazing price....

    Thanks again Med Tech, amazing service and amazing products you make all others like a distant second place..

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    Hi do you get bacteriostatic water with the medtropin I'm a uk buyer

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDoctor View Post
    Hi do you get bacteriostatic water with the medtropin I'm a uk buyer
    no you get the hgh in powder form in vials. you can get sterile or BAC water pretty much anywhere, so mix at your own leisure and time. keep after mixing in the fridge

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    When will this be back in stock?

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