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Thread: Hgh fasted or not .

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    Hgh fasted or not .

    Hi guys , I'm about to run hgh at about 4 iu per day . If it's for mainly weigh loss is it best to inject hgh on an empty stomach and train cardio ? Also how often do most of you inject it . 2 iu morning then 2 at night or 4 before you train . I have read 4 iu before you train will be most effective . I'm probably going to be on for 6 - 12 months ............ My other question is if down to finances . I have enough for 2 months at present and may struggle with the 3 rd month . The 4 th month and beyond will be no problem financially. Should I just wait until I know I can clean at least 6 month period so there is no break in cycle at all . Not sure . Anyway thanks as always

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    Personally I would wait till you can have a long interrupted run as you don't get dramatic effects in a short period, 2 months is not very long at all. If you are looking to burn fat splitting the hgh dose is the most effective, hgh levels peak 2-3 hours after injection so that would be the ideal time to do fasted cardio.

    When I ran hgh and wanted to burn fat I would pin upon waking and then have no carbs for the next 6 hours and then pin again after my last meal. And then when I was pinning for mass I was pinning my entire dose pre workout.
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    Im not expert with some of this stuff however i have read a lot about HGH and to get benefits your after I would hold off until you have it all ( 6 months worth) in the fridge and begin then.
    If your cut short for some reason you will have pretty much wasted what you have done.

    HGH is a long term commitment, not a 12 week "cycle"
    MTS all the way !

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    Another thing I forgot, you should supplement with T4 (100mcg is fine) when using HGH, there's some science behind why, something to do with HGH doing something to your thyroid (lowering or something) and then HGH making your thyroid convert more T4 to T3 then usual causing you to burn more fat. If I can find information on what I'm talking about I'll post it, from my experience though adding the T4 helped a lot.

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    Thanks that helps . Arnt t3 and t4 very similar . Not sure if I can get t4 but I can get t3 . Is t3 a good substitute ? I was also thinking about some Clen .
    When you said you consumed no carbs for 6 hours does that mean literally nothing to eat ?

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    T4 converts to T3, what I've been told by others is that you get better fat burning properties by using the T4 alongside the HGH as opposed to T3 alongside HGH. T3 is still great at keeping your metabolism up, I'm taking 25mcg T3 and 100mcg T4 at the moment. Adding in clen would also help, there is some synergy between T3/T4 and clen but personally I don't like clen.

    I ate just a protein and fats meal in those 6 hours, usually a chunk of steak/chicken and some avocado or nuts. Ideally you want to skip the carbs in this period so your insulin levels are low which is the ideal scenario for fat burning.
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    Hgh fasted for lipolysis again post pre bed will help athletes burn up more fat and wait morning fasted for at least 3 hours use yohmbine and do some cardio

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