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Thread: EQ cycles

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    EQ cycles

    Does anyone know some solid EQ cycles? Looking to add high quality lean muscle mass. Currently 6ft 210lbs 8% bf

    I typically only take test/tren cycle and looking to try something a little different.

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    I wouldn't personally take EQ on its own but as part of a need some test in there somewhere.
    I trialed EQUIMAX when I introduced it last year and found that when I introduced it at 1ml a week for first four weeks my appetite increased and so did the girth of my manhood(every extra helps!!).
    I ramped it up to 1000mg a week and over next 4 weeks that's when I really found the increase of size in neck/trap area and as I said the "barn door shoulder' look!!
    The next 4 weeks I tried it at 3ml(1500mg) every 10 days and found only negative results,mainly psychological.
    So over 8 weeks I recommend work your way up to 1gram every 7-10 days then stay there for another 6-8 weeks.
    It's very mild in every other aspect and I also found my skin improved( generally looked healthier),oh and if I remember correctly anything over 1gram a week had negative side effects sexually,perhaps wise to ramp up the test at this point,as I only ever run an hrt dose of 250mg a week,hope this helps.

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    Eq is a long hall drug, you're going to need to run it for 20 weeks plus to get some of the nice shape eq is known for (shoulders/traps/upper chest). Depending on your height you would want to run 750-1000mg per week, and run it alongside a trt dose of test around the 150-200mg mark. I would also use a not so wet oral in and out such as var or anadrol.

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    thx for the advice

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    I always make sure that every cycle includes some sort of test whatever the doseage maybe.

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