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Thread: Blast n cruise - crusing duration

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    Quote Originally Posted by SGHULK View Post
    Thanks Brimmy.

    Should I also add in Adrol for the first 6 weeks?

    And also, do I need to run AIs/SARMs/SERMs during the cycle?
    Are you not already running something to control estrogen? I would definitely recommend running something like anazstrozole, exemestane or raloxifene, dosages vary person to person so you'll have to figure that part out yourself by trial and error. If you choose to run deca you may need to get some pramipexole or cabergoline to curb prolactin, some say that if you keep estrogen in check you shouldn't have issues with prolactin but best to be prepared.

    You could include anadrol if you like, personally I prefer dianabol but you have already ran dianabol and not anadrol give anadrol a try this time so you can see which works better for you. Anadrol makes me extremely lethargic and doesn't do much at all in terms of pump and muscle gain.

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    I found that dbol was superior to drol. Drol made me sleep all day lol

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    Anadrol for a Kick start first 4 to 6 weeks make sure take good liver aids

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    i was told that if I hadn't met my goal to keep blasting until I meet them. So I ran a prop cycle 22 weeks a couple weeks long than expected. And was told to just switch up my esters and continue to blast test e 600-700 and deca 600. I plan on doing this for at least 8 weeks. I'm coming on week two . Blasting for 8-9 months seems a bit excessive and am just curious for what to look out for health wise. And how to help remain healthy for the rest of this cycle.

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    You need to have your bloods done.yes 75% of the year blasting is excessive!but that's just my opinion,ask MR BIG he may tell you otherwise.
    He will also say your blasting dose is more like a cruise most likely

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    Can primo be used for a cruise? Is that a milder option compared to running test or eq?

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