here is my cycle so far. I am now six weeks out (well six weeks sunday, I may do a show 5 weeks sunday)

Anyway, my current cycle is as follows

2.5ml ED - 0.5ml of Shredded, Lean Extreme and super tren (soon to change to tren ace) and 1ml test prop in one jab
5IU HGH ED (got about 18 days worth left, I hold water so will stop after that)
100mg Var ED (switched from winnie mainly because a girl I am prepping is doing the new Primo ace so had her var back off her - got enough for the next few weeks)
3 x T3 ED
120mg x Clen ED
4IU Helios ED (will probably do more as I have a load to use up and like to take it out 2 weeks out to avoid water retention)

Anyway, my mast prop and methyl tren has arrived. When should I bring this into the mix? Last time I had great success doing these last 4 weeks (I stop jabbing just under a week out normally), but I might just start doing say 0.5ml of each EOD in one shot now?

About to order the MTS Halo as it was awesome in my last prep - should I wait until 30 days out? I normally do 25mg a day for a few days then 50mg a day for the last 20 days. Or I could just do 25mg a day from here until show day?

I then had really good results with aldactone in the last 10 days as it dried me out brilliant.

Always happy to get other views/opinions suggestions....