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Thread: Help - Loading Two or more compounds in one barrel

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    Help - Loading Two or more compounds in one barrel

    Hi All,

    Not sure if this topic was brought up over here I couldn't find a thread either.

    Please could the experienced users provide an insight on how they go about loading 2 or more compounds into one syringe even a link to a detailed pre post would help.

    This is how I did it on my first try :

    Test E @ 300mg per ml & Mast E at 200mg per ml (All products used are from MTS)

    *After completing my hygiene routine *

    Step 1 – Pull back 1ml worth of air

    Step 2 – inserted needle into vial and pushed in 1 mil of air into vial

    Step 3 – inverted vial and pulled back 1 mil worth of Test E

    After this I inverted the syringe and pull back another ml worth of air so now I have 2 ml out of which 1ml worth of test the other mill is air. I changed the needle and put on a fresh 21 for the next draw

    Step 1 – inserted needle into vial and inverted the unit (vial and syringe)

    Step 2 – while inverted I pushed the air back into the vial (no test was intentionally pushed into the Mast E vial)

    Step 3 – pulled out a bit more than 1 ml of test E to get rid of bubbles

    I now have 2 ml worth or products in my syringe, changed needles to 23s and pinned

    Please correct or comment the above process/recommend a different method

    this is my first time doing it so laugh if you must

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    Your method is good. But I don't do it as you and this is how I do it... never had a problem

    1. Open 3ml BD syringe plastic.
    2. Pull back a little on the plunger so it is easier to pull back.
    3. Get an alcohol swab and clean the top of the 10ml vial rubber
    4. Stick in and turn upside down
    5. Pull back 1ml
    6. Clean 2nd 10ml vial rubber
    7. Stick back in and pull back until 2ml mark

    None of this bubble checking, none of this needle swapping. Simple, easy and effective.

    But that's me... but generally what you are doing is the way to do it.

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    Yeah I felt like I was doing too much for the purpose or probably being over cautious since this was my first time.

    your way looks straight forward and simple without any messing about. I should try this next pin.

    Please feel free to suggest different ways as this should hopefully solve a few question for new starters

    Thanks for the help and advice

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    Same as MR BIG. Never had an issue.

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    no need to worry about injecting air into muscles either, i always inject a half cc of air at the end to get all the gear out of the needle.

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    Swab the top of your vials with an alcohol wipe and no need to swap needles in between drawing from the vials. Other then that you're good. I personally get rid of all the air from the syringe, I like to squirt a little bit out while holding the needle up so that the oil runs down the needle, it helps to slide it in when I'm pinning (note: do not do this if tren is in the barrel).

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    I literally use the same green pin to pull 0.5ml of super tren/shredded/lean extreme and 1ml of test prop in one syringe. Seems a bit complicated to do what you do.

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    worked like a dream!

    loaded the barrel quick by following the above. Thanks guys for the help and advice!

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