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Thread: Pro MT 200

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    Amazzxiinnngggggggh stuff

    I have a thread on it somewhere with pics n stuff

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    Love this stuff. Goes in smooth, saves on volume injected and no tren cough! Results are as one would expect

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    My favorite MTS product... I noticed significant results over the course of 6 weeks.

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    will be on this little devil in a few weeks I can't wait!

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    I agree MT200 is a beast.

    Stacking mast with tren keeps sides at bay plus having the two in a combo saves on amount of oil injected.

    If using tren a at 300mg/wk with test get really bad night sweets but when I used MT200 @ 3ml/wk which contains 300mg of tren a side effects kept under control.

    I did a total recomp on MT200 about 2 years ago 1ml eod 1ml T400 along with some t3 and clen with good diet and went from 25%bf down to 15%bf dropping 9kg fat and adding 7kg of muscle in the process all within 8 weeks dexa scan confirmed results.

    Mind you some of the mass I gained was from lost muscle from past training. But still MT200 was a game changer for me.

    Got some of this heading my way and looking at doing a good recomp once again.

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